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KGTC 93.1 FM

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KGTC 93.1 FM / A broadcast ministry of Ruth's House of Hope
Program Schedule

Mon. to Fri.

2:00 AM     Standing Up
5:00 AM     Chuck Swindoll "Insight for Living"
6:00 AM     Standing Up
7:00 AM     Greg Laurie "A New Beginning"
7:30 AM     Dr. David Jeremiah "Turning Point"

8:00 AM     Chuck Swindoll "Insight for Living"
8:30 AM     Community Bulletin Board
9:00 AM     Family Life Today
11:00 AM   Chuck Swindoll "Insights"
12:00 PM   Standing Up
1:00 PM     Community Bulletin Board
2:30 PM     Joyce Meyer "Enjoy Everyday Life"
4:00 PM     Break Point
6:00 PM     Valley Christian Fellowship
7:00 PM     Community Commission
7:30 PM     Sister's Keeper
8:00 PM     Standing Up
9:00 PM     My Story (Friday)


10:00 AM   My Story
12:00 PM   Family Life Today Weekend
1:00 PM     Break Point Weekend
2:00 PM     Insight Living Weekend
6:00 PM     Endurance - Pastor John Rounds
7:00 PM     House of the Lord - Pastor Jeff Ecklund 


10:00 AM   My Story
12:00 PM   Break Point Weekend
3:00 PM    Valley Christian Fellowship  
6:00 PM     Greg Laurie "A New Beginning"
7:00 PM     Endurance - Pastor John Rounds 
8:00 PM     Valley Christian Fellowship

Standing Up     
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